Introduction: Books are a Foundation for Everything

Books have had so much impact on our lives that writing about impact of such magnitude is almost trivial. From our earliest years, books helped our bonding with parents. Books are the cornerstone of our education. Books are often the basis for movies and theatre productions. Books started one the world’s largest retailers (named after a South America rainforest). Books have preserved everything we know about history. To try to sum that up and not sound trivial, books have arguably been a foundation to everything. 

The above almost sounds like we owe something to books. Maybe we do, but that is not the intent of what you just read. We do however, essentially owe something to community organizations for saving and feeding animals and people and helping to minimize health conditions and provide guidance and mentorship to children and teens. Books have progressed to where they can and should be a substantial part of helping our community organizations who support the aforementioned. 

There’s never been a better time to support and honor community organizations by virtue of purchasing books using affiliate fundraising to read, e-read or listen. (pronounced Bookmarks) features one of the most accessible ways to discover our community organizations, and one of the most resourceful ways to support community organizations and share your support for community organizations using your Facebook social media.

Bookmark your favorite community organization(s)…..

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